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1970年,华峰公司前身---来安县橡胶厂成立 1970.Lai’an County Rubber Factory was founded, which was the former of Huafeng 1994年,赵家祥先生出任来安橡胶厂厂长 1994.Mr. Zhao Jiaxiang served as the director of Lai’an County Rubber Factory 1997年,公司改制成立亚博app官方下载_亚博pt手机客户端登录_亚博app 1997.Renamed as “Anhui Huafeng Pharmaceutical Rubber Products Co., Ltd” 2000年,建成药用亚博app官方下载瓶塞生产线   G.Frrdi先生首任生产技术总监:20003-20018月) 2000.Full set of butyl rubber stopper production line was introduced and put intooperation. The production technical director of Seal Line SPA company fromItaly, Mr. G. Frrdi, was invited to be the production technical director of ourcompany (2000.3 – 2001.8) 2001年,通过ISO9001质量体系认证 2001.Obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate 2005年,年产25亿只丁基亚博app二期工程建成 2005.The second-phase project of butyl rubber stopper was put into production withannual capacity of 2.5 billion pcs. 2007年,通过ISO14001环境体系认证 2007.Obtained ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate 2012年,与法国圣戈班公司建立战略合作 2012.Established a strategy relationship with SAINT-GOBAIN Group in France. 2014年,获得覆膜亚博app和弹性体组合盖的DMF认证 2014.Obtained DMF Cerificate with Film Laminated rubber stopper and PP/TPE cap. 2015-2017年,筹建符合GMP体系,年产10亿只高品质的丁基亚博app三期生产线 2015-2017.Preparation of third-phase project of butyl rubberstopper with high quality and annual capacity of 1 billion pcs,in accordancewith GMP system.